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14" - 18" clothes
for dolls such as
Baby Annabell, Baby Born,
Chou Chou, Our Generation Doll, Tiny Tears, Timmy Tears, ELC Cupcake Dolls & many more
"I'm sure you can't make any profit! Baby Annabel etc charge about £20 for an inferior quality" - Laura, Sutton Coldfield
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About Us

I have been making dolls clothes since I was a child, very much self taught with a toy sewing machine, although my mum made me dolls clothes too and gave me inspiration.

I progressed to a proper machine and when I had my children made clothes to fit them as well as clothes for their dolls - I have 5 children, 4 of whom are girls! I also did a lot of knitting for them too and, running my own Brownie pack for 15 years, made clothes for my Brownies to wear on Pack Holiday. I then began designing and selling dolls clothes for Brownie fundraising.

When I remarried in 1996 we decided to start our own business on a craft market. Besides dolls clothes we have made and sold hand made jewellery, encaustic art, badges, fridge magnets etc and we have also sold records and books. But the one ongoing thing that we have sold throughout have been the dolls clothes, from Barbie, Ken and Action man in the beginning through to Tiny and Timmy Tears, Annabel, Baby Born etc and of course dolls bedding.

I am constantly thinking up new designs, drawing and improving patterns. I have also for the last 10 years made aprons and tabards for adults and children. These will be added to the web site shortly.

My husband, Bev and myself would like to thank all our family for their support, our grandchildren for modelling the aprons, and our granddaughters for testing the dolls clothes and special thanks to our son in law for designing the web site. And last but not least to you the customers, without whom we would not survive.



Very sadly my husband Bev died suddenly on 30th December 2010. He left behind for me the business that we created and I am carrying on with it in his memory.

For more information please phone 01827 251950 or email me using the contact form here