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14" - 18" clothes
for dolls such as
Baby Annabell, Baby Born,
Chou Chou, Our Generation Doll, Tiny Tears, Timmy Tears, ELC Cupcake Dolls & many more
"I'm sure you can't make any profit! Baby Annabel etc charge about £20 for an inferior quality" - Laura, Sutton Coldfield
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Guide To Buying/Making Dolls Clothes

Always check the following-

• That everything is sewn on - ie. motifs unless they are the iron on variety.

• That velcro is used and sewn on rather that press studs or buttons

• Has the ribbon been sewn on to bonnets or hoods and sashes sewn onto dresses firmly so that cannot be pulled off?

• Is there plenty of room - easy to put on by little fingers and particularly with jackets?

• Is there enough room for a jumper or dress underneath? After all a baby wouldn't just wear a jacket!

• Are the items washable?
Hope all the above are useful, all of our items sold are covered by this criteria

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